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Funtania is proud to announce our newest virtual reality experience. A multiplayer, Untethered, fully immersive, virtual reality gaming session that promotes teamwork and communication. As pioneers in this new form of entertainment for friends & family, The Offering combines a live-action game with an interactive virtual reality gaming experience.


VIRTUAL ARENA is the new virtual reality experience for young and old. Up to 6 players compete simultaneously in 2 teams during a playing time of 15 minutes. Experience comparable action as in a paintball or laser tag game with the highest fun factor. Thanks to the latest wireless VR technology, you can enjoy carefree and unforgettable gaming fun without any additional and heavy equipment.


Snow Battle is a virtual snowball fight for the whole family in a magical winter landscape. Experience unforgettable winter fun of a special kind that can be played all year round. The game is suitable for children aged 7+ and is ideal for VR newbies trying out virtual reality for the first time.

In Laser Tag, you experience action-packed battles with laser weapons in the simulated house war of the future. In this fast-paced and exciting science fiction shooter, you dive into a world that offers many winding corridors and rooms as well as obstacles you can hide behind.

VA Laser Tag.jpg

Wild West is an action-packed, competitive shooter set in an authentic western setting. There are always new details to discover, such as moving trains, hidden power-ups, and animations, as well as virtual indoor and outdoor settings. Young and old will quickly work up a sweat with this game.

VA Wild West.jpg

Zero Gravity Tennis is E-Sport with real calorie consumption! Two players compete against each other and have to use energy bats to try to move a weightless ball out of the opponent's field. This is where you really work up a sweat.

VA Zero Gravity Tennis.jpg

Incredible paintball action for young and old in a scenario full of creative and colorful obstacles. The setting was inspired by a popular South Korean TV series.

VA Paintball.jpg
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