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Synthetic Ice

Skating Rink

Glide onto the synthetic ice skating rink themed & designed from the ceiling showcasing the most dynamic Lights Feature & Music on the Rink.


***Kid Size 9 - Adult Size 12 are welcomed.*** 


VR Laser Tag & Paint


***Ages 6 +

Fun For Family & Friends***

Virtual Reality  

Escape Games

We have a collection of 15 different escape game storylines to choose from, play in teams of two's, threes, or groups of 4, do you have what it takes to Escape?

Online Escape

Game Experience 

Live-hosted over zoom, play anytime, in any number of participants. We have the best collection of online escape games for beginners & enthusiasts, for all ages!

Real -Life

Escape Rooms

***NOW OPEN***

Shadewoods Manor, the murder mystery of Katie Shades, or The Gold Heist, a bank robbery theme?
$33 per player

9D VR Movie

Simulator Rides

We have a collection of almost 250 movie rides, from roller coasters to slingshots, horror, fun, animation, dinosaurs, sports, and much more. Watch them Unlimited!


9D VR Movie Rides

The latest technology employs cutting-edge visuals and audio effects that bring real three-dimensional images before your eyes.  it’s a must-watch for kids and grown-ups alike. You will have to experience it to believe it!


Augmented Reality

Photo Booth

Capture live Photo's in front of the green screen behind dynamic backgrounds. Realistic Technology presents you with Another augmented reality attraction. Your photo frame will come to life whenever you wish to see it.



VR Battle Arena

***Coming Soon***



Reality Sandbox

Digital projection and 3D vision make possible to create your own imagination and build beautiful, colorful landscapes making your own Magical Land.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 232715.png

Go-Tubing Slide

Enjoy the Go-Tube Slide, it runs time to time on a daily bases, and a fun attraction for all ages!

Bounce House

Multi-Player Bounce house great for all ages!


Toodler Play Area

This attraction consists of a soft play structure with a variety of colorful and attractive elements to engage the children.

We provide a safe and clean environment for children to engage in constructive play. The environment is comfortable and fun, a perfect opportunity for children to make new friends and develop through cooperative play.

Phantom Motorycycle

Carousel Ride

Motorcycle Merry Go-Round!

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